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Ride Products Used:
Ride Custom Back for wheelchairs
Ride User Since:
Biggest Seating Challenge:
With working so many hours a day in my chair, I needed a seating system that would prevent sores on my tailbone and ischials.
How Ride Helped:
Ride provided a system that allows me to work comfortably for 18 hours a day if needed. I don’t have to worry about sores or any skin break down.
Give us the details:

My name is Jenny and I’m a C4/C5 quadriplegic. I was paralyzed when I was nine months old and am now 33. Throughout that time span, I have sat on just about every cushion out there possible! I was always in search of a seating system that better fit my needs and in 2005, I finally found the answer.

I have been using a Ride Custom seating system since 2005 and will not make a change to anything else. I’m very petite and am prone to skin sores on my tailbone, ischials, and hips. As a sports producer and editor, I work long hours and there are many days that I’m in my power wheelchair for eighteen hours. Without my Ride Custom Seating system, I would not be able to maintain my health while successfully completing my daily responsibilities.