Core Principles

Wheelchair Seating Practice

Direct client interaction keeps Ride Designs on a path of continuous improvement as we test potential approaches and develop new products.

Aspen Seating Clinic

Ride Designs hosts the Aspen Seating Clinic at our Denver, Colorado headquarters where world class athletes and Paralympians, as well as the most discerning of wheelchair users, come for seating solutions. The Clinic employs Orthotists, Prosthetists, Physical/Occupational Therapists, and experienced practitioner assistants with over a century of combined experience in seating and mobility. We utilize Ride Designs products and technology on a daily basis to help wheelchair users who represent the most complex and specific of consumer needs – whether for sports and recreation interfaces or the most difficult of everyday seating challenges.

Knowledgeable Clients

Our clients are demanding and knowledgeable wheelchair users. They insist on using Ride Designs products because nothing else has met their high standards. From Gold Medal winning Paralympic athletes to people with the most significant posture and pressure ulcer challenges, our users have experienced great success with Ride Designs technology. Regardless of what an individual wishes to sit on, or do while sitting, our team at the Aspen Seating Clinic can create the most accurate, appropriate and effective seating solution.

Seating Theory

We believe in wheelchair seating systems that work in tandem, not just seating components. We are committed to creating and providing seating systems that enhance the user’s mobility, function and posture — all while protecting their skin better than anything they may have used in the past. We are problem solvers!

Experience and Evidence

Ride Designs wheelchair cushions are backed by both university-level research and years of clinical application. Our cushion designs are based on the Orthotic and Prosthetic principles of off-loading at-risk bony prominences, while safely supporting those parts of the body that can tolerate contact. This strategy aids in improved postural control, mobility and skin care — with potential results well beyond those of traditional wheelchair cushions.

Biomechanical Principles

People are not all the same and their bodies are definitely not flat — so all Ride products are designed to adjust and accurately fit the user. Our deep understanding of biomechanical principles has led to the development of seating systems that most accurately support distinctive body shapes and enhance the delicate balance of pelvis/trunk dynamics. Better seating solutions aid in skin protection, increased stability and freedom of movement.

Customer Care

We believe in providing no-compromise solutions to skin and postural challenges. This commitment requires the highest level of customer care along with the education and support of highly skilled providers.

Personalized Care

Ride Designs offers personalized, responsive and empowered customer care. Call us and you will talk with a person (a real person!) who can help address your challenge or concern.

Do you need expert, real-time assistance with a challenging wheelchair seating scenario? No-charge technical seating support is available by appointment with a seating specialist, via phone, Skype, or FaceTime connection.

Certified Providers

We only partner with skilled and credentialed Complex Rehabilitation Technology providers. We are consistently recognized and reviewed as the best provider of instruction on seating principles. All Ride Custom Seating providers are required to complete an intensive Certification Course at our headquarters to broaden and practice their skills through hands-on experience with Aspen Seating Clinic clients.

We expect our certified providers and referral sources to conduct thorough evaluations, execute intelligent seating strategies, perform successful fitttings, and provide any necessary follow-up service to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Research and Development

We think out-of-the-box to develop durable, lightweight, breathable and highly adjustable wheelchair seating systems.

top engineers

We constantly search other industries for world class engineering talent, new materials and innovative processes. Our engineering team comes not only from the wheelchair industry, but also from aerospace, electrosurgical and high tech medical backgrounds.

Research, testing & certification

The on-site Aspen Seating Clinic provides a unique industry-exclusive opportunity to develop and prove Ride Designs’ products. Unlike most other seating manufacturers, we rely on the objectivity of independent lab testing for Medicare certification along with university-level research to ensure that Ride products are truly the best on the market.