Meet the Team

Ride Designs is the leader in the development and provision of unique and highly effective seating systems for wheelchair users representing a broad range of needs from simple to complex. Since 1998, Ride Designs’ success stems from the commitment to a core set of principles. Unlike any other wheelchair seating manufacturer, our products are developed, tested, provided and proven through our own Aspen Seating Clinic.

Ride Designs was founded by Joe Bieganek, Orthotist, and Tom Hetzel, Physical Therapist, ATP. They started by developing the Aspen Seating Clinic and worked with only the toughest of cases where all other interventions had failed. As the Aspen Seating Clinic grew so did the demand for their products and services outside the Denver, Colorado area.

Ride Designs was created to harness and patent the unique elements of the Aspen Clinic seating systems and expand access into the broader market. Ride seating systems are now recognized internationally for their ability to manage the broadest range of seating issues, from simple to complex. Our products, both custom and non-custom (or standard), have continued to improve and evolve and are now used by thousands of satisfied customers.

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