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Ride Designs Wheelchair Cushions


Ride® Java® Cushion

Ride Java Cushion for Wheelchair Seating (1:20)
A short introduction to the Ride Java Cushion for wheelchair seating.

FAQ Ride Java Cushion and Sitting Height (1:30)
How does the Java Cushion profile affect sitting height? Find out!

Ride Java Cushion Part I (4:26)
Introduction to how the Ride Java Cushion works.

Ride Java Cushion Part 2 (13:10)
Fitting the Ride Java Cushion for maximum adjustability, including how to use accessories for optimal wheelchair seating and positioning.

Ride Java Cushion Part 3 (12:19)
Fitting the Ride Java Back to the Java Cushion for adjustable & lightweight wheelchair seating.


Ride® Forward™ Cushion

Ride Forward Wheelchair Cushion In-Service (8:33)
In-service outlining the features and benefits of the Ride Forward wheelchair cushion.

Ride Forward Cushion - Pediatric Sizes Intro (1:03)
Ride Designs Pediatric Forward Cushion Introduction

Pediatric Forward Cushion by Ride Designs (4:57)
In-depth information about the new Ride Forward cushion for kids.

Ride Designs Pediatric Wheelchair Cushions In-Service (8:21)
Tom Hetzel, PT, ATP, outlines a progression of wheelchair cushions by Ride Designs for growing and developing children.


Ride® Custom 2 Cushion

Discover RideWorks (1:55)
Introducing RideWorks®, a new process to capture Ride Custom Cushion and Back shapes.


Ride® Custom AccuSoft™ Cushion

Ride Custom AccuSoft Cushion Modifications (4:52)
Joe Bieganek, President of Ride Designs and Orthotist, explains the importance of the AccuSoft Cushion, and demonstrates the proper procedure to modify this cushion.

Materials Overview for AccuSoft and Custom 2 Cushions (10:44)
An explanation of the important differences between the Ride Custom AccuSoft Cushion foam and the Ride Custom 2 Cushion material.


Ride Designs Wheelchair Backs


Ride® Java® Back

Ride Designs Java Back In-Service (22:00)
Introductory in-service on the Ride Java Back support for wheelchairs.

New and Improved Ride Java Back Hardware (1:32)
Watch this quick video overview of a significant improvement, based on clinician and user input...

Corey Fairbanks Interview on Java Products (6:45)
Corey Fairbanks and his Ride Java seating system.

Ride Java Cushion + Java Back (12:19)
Fitting the Ride Java Back to the Java Cushion for adjustable & lightweight wheelchair seating.


Ride® Java® Decaf Back

Ride Designs Pediatric Wheelchair Back In-Service (18:21)
Tom Hetzel, PT, ATP, outlines a progression of wheelchair back support options for growing and developing children.

FlexLoc by Ride Designs general in-service (11:27)
Introducing FlexLoc multi-axial hardware for the Ride Custom Back support for wheelchair seating. In-service by Tom Hetzel, PT, ATP.

Ride Designs Pediatric Configured Wheelchair Seating Overview (24:37)
Ride Certification Course in Denver, demonstrating Ride Pediatric configured products.

Ride FlexLoc Surface Mounting (6:43)
Brief instruction on how to surface mount the new Ride Designs FlexLoc multiaxial hardware to an existing wheelchair back pan or similar.

Ride FlexLoc Mount: Installation onto Wheelchair Back Canes (6:38)
Tom Hetzel demonstrates the installation of FlexLoc hardware on to wheelchair back canes.


Ride® Custom Back

Ride Custom Back Modification Demonstration (11:24)
Live video of Joe Bieganek, Orthotist, president of Ride Designs, demonstrating modifications of trim lines on a Ride Custom Back for wheelchair seating.

Matt on Ride Custom Seating System (2:35)
Matt demonstrates how to use tilt and recline on his power wheelchair in combination with a Ride Custom Cushion and Back.

FlexLoc by Ride Designs general in-service (11:27)
Introducing FlexLoc multi-axial hardware for the Ride Custom Back support for wheelchair seating. This is a short general in-service by Tom Hetzel, PT, ATP.

FlexLoc Permanent Mount Update/Retrofit (5:47)
Tom Hetzel of Ride Designs demonstrates how to retrofit the permanent mount option for the FlexLoc hardware, and how to retrofit from permanent mount to quick release.