Ride Custom Back for wheelchairs

Virtually any width

Virtually any height

Including hardware: Varies depending on back size, options, and hardware selected

Weight Capacity
250 lbs (113kg)

Infinite, when mounted with single FlexLoc hardware option

Seat Depth Range of Adjustment
Up to and potentially beyond 10.5” (26.7cm) depending on hardware configuration chosen

(Materials Used)
Insert material: High resilience 3d spacer mesh fabric or polyurethane foam, additional padding options available; Shell material: Polypropylene plastic with styrene inner shell

Outer Cover Construction
(Outer surface that contacts skin)
Breathable polyester spacer fabric

Ride® Custom Back

Medicare Code

E2617: Custom Fabricated Wheelchair Back Cushion, Any Size, Including Any Type Mounting Hardware

2018 Medicare Fee Schedule

There is no set Medicare Fee Schedule for this HCPCS Code. This item is individually priced. Be sure to include the Manufacturer name and model name/number, and the MSRP. All parts and pieces tied to the custom back should be grouped into this one line when billing Medicare.

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Please Note

Ride Designs does not sell directly to consumers, rather through Ride® certified providers. Please call the Ride Customer Service team at 866-781-1633 for assistance in finding your closest Ride supplier.


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Standard Accessories -
Ride Custom Back

  • Outer Cover (1)
  • Owner's Handbook (1)

Standard Accessories -
Ride Custom Back for Commode

  • Outer Cover (1)
  • Owner's Handbook (1)

Additional Accessories

  • Universal Headrest Mounting Plate
  • Integrated Headrest/Accessories Mount (1)
  • Shoulder Harness Guides (pair, loose)
  • Shoulder Harness Guides (pair, installed)
  • Privacy Flap
  • Abdominal Support Panel
  • Extra Outer Cover
  • Growth Kit
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