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Ride Products Used:
Ride Java Cushion for wheelchairs
Ride User Since:
Biggest Seating Challenge:
I was using a hot cushion with limited airflow that gave me fear of pressure sores along with back pain.
How Ride Helped:
The design of the cushion allowed air to flow freely, and I could finally sit upright all day and be more active without pain.
Give us the details:

Hi! My name is Alysia and I am from a small town outside of San Francisco called Danville. Summer of 2015 I had a hiking accident that shattered my L2 vertebrae and left me with paralyzed legs, which is why I use a wheelchair. At first, it was tough to get used to being in the chair, all I wanted was to be able to stand and walk and run again, and I thought because of this, I would always hate my chair. However, with time, as I learned to accept my injury and as I got more and more used to my chair, we kind of became partners, in a sense. It helps me to continue doing all of the things I love to do, such as travel, and for that, I am forever grateful and have finally learned to love my chair.

When I first got my chair, I actually had a different cushion and I HATED it. My bottom was regaining a lot of feeling at the time so I was always very uncomfortable in the cushion I was sitting in and my back would hurt from time to time as well. This cushion also didn't breath well so I was always afraid of getting a pressure sore. I felt like I was constantly in need of finding a place to lay down so I could ease the pain I was feeling and get some pressure off of my bum.

I was then introduced to the Java Cushion and it LITERALLY changed my life as a paraplegic. I could finally sit upright all day without hurting and be more active throughout the day. Not to mention, my back started feeling better and I felt like my bottom was actually getting a bit of air circulation because of the way this cushion is made. With all of these issues seemingly resolved, I finally started to feel more "normal" again. Without this cushion, I wouldn't have been able to handle my full-time job because I'd never be able to last in an upright position for over 9 hrs a day. I probably wouldn't have been able to study abroad and travel all over Europe last summer, and because of that, I would have probably never discovered my passion for travel. I know it sounds dramatic, but I definitely owe a lot to this cushion.

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