How do I adjust the FlexLoc mounting hardware?

Watch this video on how to adjust the FlexLoc mounting hardware.

How do I modify a custom cushion and/or custom back?

Watch this video on how to modify a custom cushion and/or cushion back.

Do I have to capture a new shape if my client needs a new custom cushion but the current shape is working?

No–use a working, proven shape. Ship the current cushion to Ride Designs and production will duplicate the shape of the cushion. The duplicated shape will be used to manufacture the new cushion. If the cushion cannot be shipped to Ride Designs, duplicate the cushion in the field.

In what climates or temperatures does the Ride Forward cushion perform the best?

The Forward cushion performs safely at a broad range of temperatures, even frozen. Download this brochure that outlines a very extensive pressure mapping study related to the Forward cushion.

Can I order a Java back with FlexLoc™ hardware?

At this time FlexLoc hardware is not a mounting option for the Java back.

Can I put shoulder straps on a Java® and/or Decaf back support?

There is not a designated area to attach shoulder straps, but you may bolt the straps directly to the shell.

How do I print a U.S. supplier shipping label for Ride Designs custom shapes?

Click here for a pre-paid return label for a new back shape, cushion simulator, and/or cushion shape.

How do I get my order processed more quickly?

Make sure Ride Customer Service has your fully completed order form, purchase order, shapes, and photos.