May Claire Hetzel, PT

May Claire has been working with Aspen Seating and Ride Designs in various capacities since 2000. A practicing Physical Therapist for over 30 years, May Claire performs client seating evaluations for Aspen Seating. Outside of work May Claire spends time with her husband and company co-founder, Tom, and their two children. She also enjoys various outdoor activities in addition to musical and theatrical productions.

Eric Vielbig

Eric has been General Manager for Aspen Seating and Ride Designs since 2012. Eric brings over 30 years of operations and manufacturing management experience to the team. He started his career working part time at Motion Designs/Quickie Wheelchairs while in college. Over the years Eric has attended numerous manufacturing workshops most notably, a workshop in Japan; learning manufacturing techniques from Toyota, NEC and Panasonic. Eric is an avid golfer and enjoys various outdoor activities with his wife, Melody.

Tom Hetzel, PT, ATP

Tom has been involved in virtually all levels of the seating and mobility industry for over 30 years. He supports clinical practice at Aspen Seating and leads education and product design at Ride Designs. Tom holds multiple patents in the wheelchair seating and mobility industry. When Tom is not working he tries to hide in the mountains, camping, hiking, biking and simply hanging out with his family.

Joe Bieganek, ATP

Joe has been designing, fitting and delivering wheelchair seating solutions for over 30 years. He is the pioneer and principal inventor of all the products offered by Ride Designs and Aspen Seating. Joe also leads the Aspen Seating sports program providing seating solutions for the physically active, including multi-medal-winning Paralympians. When Joe is not working you can find him on a golf course or enjoying the great outdoors.