Custom System Shipping Labels

Ride Designs Custom System Shipping Label Policies

If you are a Ride Designs custom certified supplier and you need to ship a custom back shape, cushion simulator and/or a cushion shape to Ride Designs please read the following policies:

  • Shipping labels are available for U.S. suppliers only.

  • Please take care during packaging. Items shipped in boxes larger than 30"x30"x20" are subject to additional shipping charges. You will be invoiced for any additional shipping charges.

  • You will need your Ride Designs account number in order to process the shipping label. Account numbers follow the format: AAA 1234.

  • Please call Ride Designs Customer Care at 866-781-1633, if you require additional shipping options or if you have a product return.

  • NOTE: Customers are responsible for the expense of shipping product returns. Ride Designs shipping labels cannot be used to return products for repair or credit. Charges resulting from unauthorized use of Ride Designs shipping labels will be billed to the customer.

We appreciate your business and your help keeping product shipping costs down.

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