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Ride Products Used:
Ride User Since:
Biggest Seating Challenge:
Gel cushions breaking open and having fear of skin break down until I was able to get another one.
How Ride Helped:
Offering a cushion that is not gel based and still holds integrity regarding reducing pressure and preventing sores.
Give us the details:

I have been paralyzed since I was 9 years old due to a gun shooting accident. Every person in a chair has a moment where they choose what they will do with their life after an injury. For ten years I struggled to stay healthy due to my injury. It was when I was down to 59 lbs. at age 21, that I knew I had to approach my health in a different way. That’s when I was introduced to integrative therapies and acupuncture, massage and chiropractic saved my life! I knew what I was supposed to do after this and became an advocate for persons with disabilities regarding their health. I am the Executive Director of The Chanda Plan Foundation which provides integrative health care programs to individuals with physical disabilities. I function daily from a power wheelchair as a quad and I wouldn’t be able to do what I love in life, if I wasn’t sitting on cushion with integrity that allows me to do so. Thank you Ride Designs for making the Java Cushion so I can continue to be sitting in my chair without concerns of skin breakdown and pressure sores, as I work long days in my chair.