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Biggest Seating Challenge:
My old cushion was very heavy and did not provide any relief for pressure sores.
How Ride Helped:
I saw an immediate increase in stability and pressure relief. I don't have to worry about possible sores anymore.
Give us the details:

I am a precision shooter for the US Paralympic team. In 2003 I sustained a T4 back injury during a car accident. I started out handcycling and wheelchair racing before realizing that I wouldn't be able to compete at the Paralympic level in those sports, so I got back into shooting in 2011. I used to shoot before my injury in a few different leagues. In November of 2012 I moved to Colorado Springs and had the opportunity to start training at the Olympic Center and have been competing internationally since. My favorite event is the 25 meter air pistol and I competed at the 2016 Rio Paralympic games.

How do I find replacement parts for Ride Designs products?

Contact Customer Care or consult the product's Parts Manual. To access a Parts Manual, go to and select “Resources" from the top navigation bar. Then select the product from the drop-down menu and scroll through the pdfs listed until you come to the Parts Manual. Double click to access the manual.

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