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One of my ischial tuberosities grew abnormally at some point after treatment. This created greater pressure on a very small area. My Ride Designs cushion has reduced the issues I have. I am always conscious of this issue and follow it closely for a pressure sore.
How Ride Helped:
The Ride Designs seat cushion takes the pressure off of the ischial tuberosities and distributes the pressure to the meatier portions of my legs and buttocks.
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I lost the use of my legs as the result of treatment for cancer. I had a tumor in my sacrum that was treated with the maximum level of radiation. After several years I started loosing the ability to walk normally, in 2005 until it got so bad by 2009 that my only option left was to use a wheelchair. Now I use a wheelchair 100% of the time.

March 2017 Newsletter