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After using the same cushion for the first 19 years of my injury and only having pressure sores on rare occasions, I started having regular skin issues. Over those 19 years I was continually asking if there were any new products on the market that I should consider. It always amazed me that over 18 years that there were very few alternatives on the market, and none of them were recommended by any of the occupational therapist that I dealt with during seating clinic's.
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The Java cushion provided the solution that always seemed like a no-brainer to me. The cushion completely removes the pressure from my problem area (my sitting bones), and applies the pressure to the fattier, muscle areas of the buttocks and thighs.
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After 19 years of mostly a favorable experience with a competitors seat cushion, I got to a point where I was constantly dealing with a mild pressure sore that would return shortly after I thought it was healed 100%. I was amazed that there was never another seat cushion out there that occupational therapists spoke highly of or recommended. It always seemed like such a basic solution to me, why doesn't someone design a cushion that puts all of the pressure on the fatty areas, and removes the pressure from the typical bony areas where pressure sores are most likely to occur. FINALLY, Ride Designs did just that with their Java cushion. All I can say is THANK YOU for giving me my life back and eliminating the daily concern of wondering if I was doing damage to my skin. Not only that, but I now need to do a fraction of the weight shifts that I used to do in order to maintain healthy skin.

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