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Ride Products Used:
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Biggest Seating Challenge:
I used a mono-ski and bucket that did not fit me well. I moved around a lot so my ski was less responsive and I knew I was not reaching my best skiing potential. My challenge with finding an everyday cushion was that I have scoliosis. I have always used a cushion that was air filled but this only exacerbated my scoliosis.
How Ride Helped:
The custom insert for my ski fits me perfectly. I have better control and the ski is more responsive. The Java Cushion is great for my skin and allows me to sit with proper posture which helps my scoliosis.
Give us the details:

I've been monoskiing since 2006, the winter after a ski racing accident left me paralyzed from the chest down. When I started, I taught myself and got in a bucket that someone had recommended - not exactly the most precise or efficient way to learn a new sport. Twelve years later I found myself wanting to be more dialed in with my equipment so I could reach my fullest potential while ensuring my skin was protected. I had known about Ride Designs for years and knew getting a custom insert for my ski would take my skiing to the next level. By the end of my first winter in my custom insert I was skiing better than ever. The custom insert allows me to get more angles because it is not too restrictive where my back and hips can bend.

For my daily seating I was looking for a cushion that would provide good pressure relief (I'm told I have a bony butt!) as well as allow me to have posture that won't make my scoliosis worse. The Java Cushion has allowed me to have both great posture and skin protection.

Check out my foundation, the Kelly Brush Foundation. We started in 2006 and are dedicated to inspiring and empowering people with spinal cord injuries to live active and engaged lives. We do this primarily through helping people with SCI purchase adaptive sport equipment so they can get out and go.

Kelly wrote a blog post about her experience at Ride Designs and getting her monoski set up. Check out her blog post here.