Where did the Ride Custom Cushion go?

The overwhelming response and rapid adoption of the Ride Custom 2 has virtually eliminated orders for the original Ride Custom Cushion. The superiority of the new cushion material and design is quite evident. Learn more here.

As of January 1, 2018 we will no longer take orders for the original Custom Cushion made of Brock beads with straps and hardware.

How do I order an additional cover?

If you are still in contact with the provider in which you obtained your Ride product(s), they can contact Ride Designs to order your additional cover. The product serial number will be required in locating the pattern before a quote can be generated.

Can I purchase products directly from Ride Designs?

Ride Designs does not sell directly to the public, rather through Ride® certified providers. Please call the Ride Customer Service team at 866-781-1633 for assistance in finding your closest Ride supplier.

How do I begin the process of obtaining a Ride Designs custom product?

Ask your current wheelchair provider if they are Ride® certified to provide our custom products. If your provider is interested in becoming certified they may call Ride Customer Service for more information at 866-781-1633. You may also call customer service to locate your closest Ride Certified Provider.

How do I find a supplier in my area?

The Ride Designs® Customer Service team would be happy to direct you to the Ride representative in your area. The Ride rep would be happy to refer you to the supplier best suited to your needs. Call 866-781-1633 or send an email to us using the email feature underneath the "Have Questions?" box to the right.

Do you have covers that manage spills, moisture or incontinence?

Inner incontinent resistant covers can be ordered for custom cushions. Forward cushions come standard with an inner incontinent resistant cover.

Do you have other cover options for the Forward Cushion?

Yes, an integrated spandex layer over the spacer fabric can be specified for an additional charge.


In what climates or temperatures does the Ride Forward cushion perform the best?

The Forward cushion performs safely at a broad range of temperatures, even frozen. Download this brochure that outlines a very extensive pressure mapping study related to the Forward cushion.

What is Ride Designs' shipping address?

All materials and captured shapes should be shipped to:

Ride Designs
8100 SouthPark Way, C400
Littleton, Colorado 80120 USA

U.S. suppliers, Click here for a pre-paid return label for a new back shape, cushion simulator, and/or cushion shape.