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Biggest Seating Challenge:
I have a very unique body shape and I have difficulty sitting for long periods of time with good posture. My Ride Designs cushion allows me to sit properly with little fatigue. I have the most challenges in securing myself to my sitski. I need a very unique seating system to allow me to ski properly without coming out of my seat. Ride Designs was able to make a completely custom system that has allowed me to ski at my full potential.
How Ride Helped:
Ride Designs was able to make seating systems for me completely custom from the beginning. I have a unique body type that won’t work with any normal seating system and they were able to create a solution from scratch.
Give us the details:

I was born with lumbar sacral agenesis and I grew up using a wheelchair. I grew up in Franconia, NH. I have been sit-skiing since I was six, and ski racing since I was 14. I have been on the US Paralympics Alpine Ski Team since 2003. Since then I have been to the last three Paralympics and competed at the X-Games six times. I have traveled around the world with ski racing, pushing the limits of the sport as well as pushing my wheelchair to some very adventurous locations.